Graduate School

Department of Counseling Psychology

Aberdeen State University

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Susan to the counseling program at Aberdeen State University. Until recently, I have been a faculty mentor to Susan as well an undergraduate professor. Susan has proven to be a hard working and dedicated student as she earned an B+ in both courses I offered (Developmental Psychology and Psychological Tests) and attained a 3.43 overall GPA with a 3.52 in her psychology major. I believe her academic performance coupled with her enthusiastic and well rounded personality would make her a good candidate for this program, and therefore I would like to highly recommend Susan True to attend your university.

Susan performed exceptionally well in her academics. She was able to join two academic honor societies (Psi Chi and Lambda Alpha Delta) and made the Deanís List four of the seven semesters she attended. However, Susan also spent time in campus leadership and volunteer experiences. As part of the student body, Susan joined the Anderson University Senate in 2007 to represent all the ladies living in her dormitory over the course of the school year. She also volunteered at the Madison County Youth Detention Center her freshman year (2005-2006) as part of a prison ministry to help uplift the troubled youth through various activities. Susan also got involved with YWCA during her junior and senior years and was a mentor to an elementary aged girl who enjoyed the companionship and activities Susan provided.

Other work experiences have also helped prepare Susan for pursuing a masters. Susan worked on campus for the duration of her attendance at Anderson University, as well as took on the difficult task to work outside of the university as well to earn extra income. For the 2005-2006 and the 2006-2007 school years, Susan worked in the Informational Technology department both as a residential computer consultant and secretary. During her junior and senior semesters, Susan worked in the psychology department as a secretary where she aided professors as needed, graded papers, and helped students in need of assistance. Susan also worked part time as a sales consultant at Target her freshman and sophomore years and as a waitress at Texas Roadhouse her junior and senior years. Working two jobs and completing school work is a difficult task that requires much discipline and motivation, both of which Susan clearly possesses.

Susan is intelligent, dedicated, well-rounded, organized, and has a desire to learn and make a difference. She sometimes has a difficult time dealing with stress, but I am confident that she is able to overcome this obstacle and become a successful counselor.

I believe Susan is destined to be a leader as a counselor, and therefore is an excellent candidate for your school. I highly recommend that you consider her application, as she will be a great asset to your program. Iím sure you will find her to be a student whose talents will only shine further through your graduate program. It is my hope that you will accept her admission to your university. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me



Pop Syke, Ph.D.
Psychology Professor
Anderson University